Just for Household Kitchen Food Waste

The Green Cone is a solar-powered digester that recycles waste food back into the soil. The Green Johanna is a composting unit that treats food waste and garden organics to produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment ready for mixing back onto the garden soil. Both products provide home treatment of waste food that will eliminate the increasing problem of food waste and the waste food, going to landfill.

An Earth-friendly Companion to the Backyard Composter!

The Green Cone Digester is a smart, easy-to-use, efficient household tool, which reduces waste and eliminates most of the problem of food disposal. It's a clean, healthy way to minimise your family's kitchen trash while helping the environment. The Green Cone is primarily constructed from recycled materials, and the digestion basket and inner solar chamber are made from 100% recycled plastic. The function of the Green Cone is to digest waste food using aerobic systems in the ground that results in water and carbon dioxide then used by plants.

The Green Cone is fabricated into a passive solar heat exchange driving the natural systems of bacteria and fungi to digest waste food and to create soil humus.

The Green Cone Digester is designed to accelerate the natural decomposition process by raising temperatures, maintaining aerobic conditions, and encouraging the growth of micro-organisms. The system processes almost all household food waste, including vegetable scraps, raw and cooked meat or fish, bones, dairy products and other organic food waste such as bread and pasta.

What is the Green Cone?

The Green Cone is comprised of a lower basket installed below the ground, which forms the base for an above ground double-walled solar chamber with an access lid. The Green Cone stands 65cms above ground level and extends 60 cm below ground level. Access is through the 20cm diameter hole in the top of the solar chamber, which is sealed by a hinged lid. The design of the Green Cone uses solar heating in the double-walled chamber to facilitate and accelerate the aerobic decomposition process within the digestion basket. Therefore, the system should be installed to obtain the maximum sunlight in your backyard. The installation should leave a 5 – 7 cm gap between the ground surface and the outer wall of the Green Cone cover. This gap provides the atmospheric conditions necessary for the aerobic microbial decomposition process. In a well operating system, the residue will occupy the bottom 25cms of the digestion basket after the decomposition of about a ton of food waste. Thus, after about five years this small quantity of residue must be removed and dug into the garden sub-soil The Green Cone will digest approximately 5 kg of food waste a week, which is over 25% greater than that produced by the average household. The food waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount residue, without the need for mixing or turning the waste.

What is the Kitchen Caddy?

The Love Food Hate Waste story starts in the kitchen and ends in the garden. A kitchen bench caddy is a clean transfer of waste food to the outdoor Green Cone. The sealable Kitchen Compost Caddy is recommended for collecting and carrying the food waste to the Green Cone.

Our message to you from the NSW EPA is that as “its best to use up what you have but some food waste is unavoidable. Put your unavoidable food scraps, like eggs shells and vegetable peelings in the kitchen caddy”. For more information on food waste visit the NSW EPA website (https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.nsw.gov.au/). Order your Kitchen Food Waste Caddy today to start your own Love Food Hate Waste fight to less landfill and better gardens.

The Kitchen Green Cone Food Waste Project provides a householder solution to stop food waste going to landfill.