Reduce your household rubbish by at least 30 %.

The Green Cone is a system with two components, a food waste kitchen caddy and the Green Cone solar soil digester. Managing food waste with a Green Cone requires you to think about the food you eat and how much you are throwing away.

We are interested in the benefits of a simple food and garden waste recycling system. Our food is 90 %water, and with the green systems, we can keep this food water within the hydrological cycle for the garden and not let it become contamination in a landfill.

Less household waste will go to landfill.

The caddy sits on the kitchen bench in a handy location for cooking and scraps. Empty the caddy into the top of the Green Cone. It is that easy! For a family of four, one full caddy 1-2 times per week in winter and one full caddy 2-3 times each week in summer. Into the Green Cone and let nature do the rest. Soil microbes and worms will digest the waste food, and the residue stays in the soil system.

The Green Johanna system is designed to convert garden and some kitchen food waste back to nutrient-dense and reusable soil compost. The Johanna is easy to use and moveable.


To start your own green system, you will need a Kitchen Caddy, The Green Cone, and if you have a big garden, then try The Green Johanna. Send a request to our sales consultant and place an order in The Green Cone Project.

Use the Green Cone for food digestion straight into the soil. Use a Green Johanna if you have other garden waste and you want to make friable compost.

The caddy separates the food to be put in your Green Cone and will become a favourite kitchen bench utensil. The caddy is quickly emptied into the Green Cone.

The waste mountain is an age-old dilemma. In the 21st century, our global economy needs to include the reuse and recycling of biodegradable and non-biodegradable products and particularly plastics. The Green Cone Kitchen Waste Project highlights the importance of thinking globally and acting locally to achieve a sustainable and renewable global environmental economy. The focus is on the soil that we produce our food, the water and carbon miles it takes to grow our food and the ways we manage these assets.

Yes. The CES-2 Green Cone Kitchen Food Waste Project provides opportunities for purchases from a Local Council.

We provide after sales service covering installation and maintenance.

Click on the product information page about what foods are best digested in the Green Cone.

Some food items do not break down without some help. If you want to put egg shells in making sure you crush them. Cook bones will not degrade nor will hard seeds. It is best to dry these and burn them if you want to recycle back into your soil.

The Green Cone has a green outer plastic layer. The green is a coloured plastic that is resistant to the sun and will last for many years. The black inner layer is a recycled plastic that is manufactured from recycled materials.


Love Food Hate Waste

The Green Cone Kitchen Food Waste Project is a waste management solution that fits with the objectives of government to provide information about the healthy choices for food and how to keep the household waste food out of the landfill system. Using the Green Cone and the Green Johanna is a natural, simple method to dispose of food scraps and cooked leftovers.


Diverting waste food back to the soil will reduce the amount of food waste to landfill and will limit the contamination of the other items to be recycled in the garbage. Taking food waste to the Green Cone will eliminate food contamination when separating the recyclable items for the plastics recycling industry.


The best food for you is the best food for the soil. The food scraps and leftovers are digested in a basket placed in the soil. From the soil, thousands of worms and bacteria and fungi (the soil microbes) will recycle the food into water and humus. Under a Green Cone, the temperature will be maintained through sun and solar radiation.

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